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Webinar Recording – Addressing Dementia

Jennifer Pilcher Ph.D, head of Clear Guidance Consulting and Care Management. This program will help you learn how to help your clients and their families detect, evaluate, and approach suspected cognitive impairment.


How Can Tangibles be Fairly Divided?

An article I recently wrote for Next Avenue, the public television website for Baby Boomers, explains how the family of a college friend divided 100s of items from their parents’ estates among the four siblings. The article, “A Clever Way to Divvy Up Items After a Parent’s Death,” describes the


Should Your Will and Trust have an In Terrorem Clause?

You may have seen provisions in wills and trusts that bar challenges to their validity with a severe penalty: that the heir will receive nothing from the estate. These are known as no contest or in terrorem clauses with the idea being to strike terror into anyone who may challenge the document.


Boomer Attorneys Need to Plan for their Eventual Retirement

The verse quoted by General Douglas MacArthur in his farewell address to Congress, “Old soldiers never die, they just fade away,” applies to many lawyers. Especially those in solo practice or working for small firms often don’t have an exit plan. They continue working, perhaps less, and perhaps taking off several months in Florida or elsewhere warm each winter, as their business trails off.


How Much Should You Give Away? When? And to Which Charities?

In his New York Times Magazine “Ethicist” column, the philosopher Kwame Anthony Appiah responded to a query from an individual who had inherited a large trust fund and family business when his father died. This person felt uncomfortable with such wealth and largely lived his life as if he were not rich. But a combination of the recent stock market rise pumping up his portfolio and his recognition of the suffering of many people during the pandemic have brought him to the conclusion he should give away a large portion of his wealth.


Beware Recorded Deed Notice Scam

company purportedly named “Property Site” suggesting that they obtain “their Property Assessment Profile which includes a complimentary copy of your current Grant Deed or other record of title” for $98. (Both the bold and the mixing third and second persons in the original.)


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