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Oldest American and Massachusetts Resident Passes Away

By Harry S. Margolis

We reported in a recent blog post (To Live Really Long, Be Female and Japanese) on the 50 oldest humans worldwide. Eleventh on that list was Goldie Michelson of Worcester. She passed away last Friday at age 113. She would have turned 114 on August 8th. She graduated from college in 1924 and received a masters degree in sociology from Clark University in Worcester in 1936.  

She was a lifelong lover of theatre, having directed her last play at age 100. She and her husband built a small theatre in the basement of their home and later endowed a theatre that carries their name at Clark University. Click here to read The Boston Globe‘s obituary which describes Mrs. Michelson’s very active life. 

Now, Adele Dunlap of new Jersey is the oldest American and 11th oldest human. She will turn 114 on December 12th.

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