Margolis & Bloom: The Family Protection Firm in Boston

By Harry S. Margolis

A few weeks ago, I attended a networking meeting at which everyone was asked to say what they did in 10 words a less.  So, I came up with the following to describe Margolis & Bloom:

“Boston’s premier elder law and special needs planning law firm.”

That’s exactly 10 words and I think describes us pretty well.  But we went around the room and one after another speakers tried to shorten their descriptions, some down to a single word that embodied their professional roles.  (Of course, they then used many more words to explain that single word.)

That got me thinking about how we could describe the essence of what we do more succinctly and I came up with the following, which describes what we do in three words:

“We protect families.”

Of course, this too needs more explanation, since we don’t sell home security systems.  Here are some of the risks against which we protect families:

  • Estate taxation.

  • Long-term care costs.

  • Mismanagement of assets in the event of incapacity.

  • Family disputes upon the death of a parent.

  • Children with special needs losing eligibility for public benefits.

  • Children with special needs becoming victims of predators.

  • The loss of inheritance to divorce.

  • The loss of inheritance to creditors.

The list goes on, but the concept is that our goal is to help clients better manage their estates for the long-term benefit of their families through the use of estate planning tools.

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