Ivy Street School Teaches Children with Brain Injuries

I recently had the opportunity to tour the Ivy Street School, a residential school in Brookline for children ages 13 to 22 who have had a brain injury, whether through an accident, an illness such as a stroke or from birth.

Ivy Street Smart from Norman Lang on Vimeo.

Ivy Street provides comprehensive services for its students, all of whom are unable to find success in their public schools.  In addition to teaching them the traditional writing, reading and arithmetic, its goal is to help each student function in the outside world when she graduates.  This includes occupational therapy, physical therapy, communication skills, anger management, and many other skills that those without a brain injury may take for granted.

Often, Ivy Street’s students have been isolated at home and unable to make friends.  Often their parents have difficulty taking care of them and dealing with the students’ frustration and sometimes limited impulse control.  Coming to Ivy Street gives many students their first opportunity to live in a community where they’re not “different” and where they can make friends and thrive.

At least from the outside, this appears like a marvelous place that can make all of the difference in its students’ lives.  Check it out by viewing the video above and clicking here.

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