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Employee Spotlight: Ilana Abramson

Ilana Abramson- Margolis-bloom-dagostino-wellesley-associate

How long have you been at MBD? 

I have been here a little over 8 months now.

If you weren’t an attorney, what would you do instead? 

I do have this dream of owning a cute bookstore and café. I love reading and cozying up with a good cup of coffee. If not that, I would be a teacher. I really enjoy serving as a mentor and educating others.

Who was the most influential person in your life? 

I would have to say two people: my parents. They are both extremely kind, hardworking, and thoughtful individuals. They have both taught me the importance of giving back to the community and helping others. My mom spent her career working in public health and my dad is still working as an elder law attorney. I think his influence is evident in the work I am doing now! I hope to emulate my parents’ dedication, empathy, and compassion in the work that I do.

On any given Saturday, where can we find you and what would you be doing? 

Most Saturdays I start the day on the couch with coffee and a good book. Then I try and do something active, most likely a good walk, run, or hike. I like to spend the rest of the day relaxing, seeing friends, and eating good food.

Favorite food to eat or make or both?  

I absolutely love sushi and pasta. My sushi making skills are ok, but it is usually a better idea to just order out. Fortunately, my boyfriend perfected the art of making pasta during COVID and now makes excellent pasta. Pasta is probably the most eaten food in our house.

Best place you have traveled, and/or dream destination? 

Food is a big part of travel for me. This past fall, I went to San Sebastian, Spain, and ate the best seafood of my life for ten straight days. Even though I just went, it might still be my dream destination because I cannot wait to go back. I also really want to go to Hawaii to hike and eat more excellent seafood.

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