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Risking Old Age in America Podcast

with Elder Law and Long-Term Care Expert Harry Margolis

Risking Old Age in America

In 10 years, the oldest of the 76 million baby boomers in the United States will begin reaching their late 80s, an age at which people are more likely to need care. At the same time, younger baby boomers are leaving the labor force, often with insufficient resources to pay for retirement.

The Risking Old Age in America podcast will explore what this will mean for the nation and how we can prepare, both collectively and individually. The host, Harry Margolis, is a national leader in the field of elder law and has written extensively about elder law and estate planning.

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Harry Margolis has been answering your elder law, special needs and estate planning questions at He and other industry experts also talk about all aspects of estate planning in his podcast series. Be sure to tune in and subscribe.

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